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Turntable Interactive Funny Cat Toys

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Color: Yellow

Product Description

1. Move the windmill gently, it will rotate, making the cats put it down. Cat windmills can reduce cat anxiety.
2. There are hair and a facial rubbing device in the middle. It can be designed as a cat's self-care aid according to the cat's lifestyle. It acts like a cat rubbing objects, making them feel comfortable when playing with windmill toys.
3. There are 2 transparent boxes on the round blades of the windmill, where you can place light balls and mint balls to attract cats (supplied). You can paste the suction cup on any flat surface such as tiles, glass, windows, bathtubs, mirrors, etc., or place where cats often appear. Our cat toys are made of soft material. Make sure to massage and retouch gently without painfully removing fur or scratching the cat's skin.