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Bell Ball Puzzle Toy for Cats

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Color: Yellow

Product Description

1.Cat's self-grooming brush: It helps cats comb and clean hair while playing, massages and stimulates pets' skin, keeping them comfortable and healthy.
2.Unique design Pet Toy : All designs are in line with cat design, and cats can entertain themselves. The toy comes with a rotating turntable, hair removal comb, bell ball and other toys.
3.Reduce cat anxiety: Unlike other tunnel toys, our toys can turn the turntable while catching the balls inside. Turning the windmill cat toy will make your cat full without causing chaos!
4.Practice in Use: The most important thing is that you can leave cats all at home. You don't have to worry about cats running around.
5.Powerful suction cup: The cat toy can be sucked on the floor, wall, doors and windows and other smooth places, wherever you want.