Quality products designed with your pet in mind. At The American Pet Club, We pride ourselves on providing supplies and accessories that you can trust your furry friend will love. We are meticulous when it comes to curating a collection that is useful, practical, and easy to use for the animals we love. We boast a diverse category from items across the globe, sourcing from premier vendors for hundreds of products. We don't limit quality to the lifespan of our goods, but their ability to meet your diverse needs. Our pets are versatile and can be difficult. That's why you need something that's equally multifaceted. Our collection is constantly growing as we look to evolve, innovate, and make life easier. 

Our Vision 

To bring you closer to your furry friend. In everything we do, we want to make bonding with your pet a special occasion. Pets support us through so much from being a companion to comforting us in times of need. We are committed to giving them something special in display of appreciation. We're thoughtful in designing supplies and accessories that say I love you. This is evident in their ability to endure the wear and tear of prolonged use.


Our Mission 

To take the burden out of everyday tasks. One on one time is precious. But it's hard to enjoy when your pet is fighting off everything you give them. From daily meal time to walks in the park, we simplify those everyday routines. We create to win their affection. So embrace more play time and breeze through chores.